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Why You Should Fly On A Private Jet Charter For A Domestic Flight

October 6, 2018
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Travelers may find themselves bogged down when flying domestically due to delays and other factors that are completely out of their control. Hopes of reaching a destination as early as possible can be deterred due to weather, layovers, and other unforeseeable circumstances. Business people who need to reach a meeting in another city could possibly be late because they chose to fly first class on a commercial flight versus flying on a private jet charter. Flying privately gives the traveler much more control when in the air, and can get the passengers to their destination quicker than a commercial airliner.

Benefits Of Flying On A Private Jet Charter

  • Comfort
  • Freedom
  • Options


Private jet charters provide flyers with the most comfort throughout their time in the air. While some commercial flights advertise the amount of legroom they offer or their private pods in first class, there are still restrictions while in the air. The amount of space is still limited, while on a private jet charter the passengers are free to walk around the cabin and enjoy all the amenities available. Private jets also offer full-service bathrooms as well as bedrooms so the passenger can sleep peacefully. Full coaches and captains chairs for each guest offer a full range of comfort throughout the flight.


When on a domestic flight, travelers need to be at their terminal by a certain time or they’re left behind. They’re also at the mercy of their flight. This may include unnecessary delays, layovers, cancellations, and more. Travelers are also forced to sit next to strangers who may be odd or make the trip even more uncomfortable. On a private jet charter travelers have the freedom to do as they please to an extent. While there are some necessary rules to follow, travel is far more relaxed than on a domestic flight. Travelers are able to arrive whenever they need to until their scheduled time or till discussed, and are allowed to move freely around the cabin. Depending on the size of the private jet, guests won’t have to sit next to anyone. Rather, they are only required to be seated through takeoff, landing, and turbulence.

Flight Options

When flying, travelers need to search for the flight in advance and hope to find a flight for the right price. There are only a select number of flights going to a destination on any given day, and depending on a person’s schedule it gets even more difficult when one has to look into particular times to fine in and out of their target destination. With a private jet charter, the charter company works around the passenger and their schedule to get them to and from wherever they desire.

There’s a wide range of benefits to flying on a private jet charter over a domestic flight. When looking for the right private jet charter company, it’s important travelers find the right company. Some companies might offer flights for absurd prices or might not offer the right private jet to suit your needs when flying across the country. When preparing to fly domestically, make sure to book a private jet charter with American Charter Services. They offer the widest range of flight options available. Contact ACS today to learn more about their services or book a flight by calling +1 (561) 336-6365!

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