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When Does Owning A Private Jet Become Worth It?

October 15, 2018
Private Jets
The cost of a private jet can range from $700,000 to $4 million per year to own. This includes fueling, maintenance, aircraft management, crew hiring, and de-icing. Most jet owners buy used or second-hand jets, but they are still a hefty price no matter what. Finding the threshold at which owning a private jet becomes worth it over taking a commercial airliner can be difficult because of all these factors and prices.

Making a Private Aircraft More Affordable

A private aircraft will begin to be more valuable than commercial airliner tickets the more trips per year and the more passengers that are taken on each trip. As opposed to buying several first-class plane tickets, a private jet carrying several people can provide comparable value.
American Charter Services also allows aircraft owners to place their airplane in our fleet to use for private jet charters. While we take care of the aircraft management, we can also schedule flights independently of the owner to create additional revenue. This can gather a portion of the revenue for the owner of the aircraft which can make up the costs of maintenance.
If the plane is not in the location needed by the customers or owner, it will need to be located to the take-off location. The cost of relocating a private jet can be expensive because it is a second extra flight. Using our charter fleet system can be effective for relocating a plane while also getting some value out of the flight.

Benefits of a Private Jet Make Up for the Cost

Financially, a commercial airliner will always be more valuable than a private jet. In terms of every other factor, the benefit of a private jet beats the competition. The immediate benefit of private jet flights is the speed at which the entire process concludes. No long security lines at the airport or unintended delays make the boarding almost immediate when arriving at the airport. Being able to fly to and back from a location in the span of one day is a great feeling and minimizes jet lag.
For big-time billionaires who wish to own a jet, time spent in flight is time not spent making deals. With several digits of annual income, corporate CEOs know that time is money. Minimizing the time spent on a plane by using a private jet will allow more work to be done and help pay for the difference in cost.
American Charter Services can offer many services for people looking to own an aircraft or even private a charter flight one time. Call us at +1 (561) 336-6365 for a quote on any of these services or to speak with our professional airplane brokers.
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