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What to Look For When Buying A Private Jet

August 12, 2018

American Charter Services has an excellent fleet of private jets for sale and are experts in aircraft sales. We strive to offer our customers a fleet of large and exquisite aircraft that will fit all of a person’s transportation needs. There are many great benefits to buying a private jet from American Charter Services. Such as customers will be served by a qualified, and professional, courteous sales team who will cater to a person’s needs. While buying a private jet there are many factors to consider such as cost, calculating needs and new vs. used planes.

What to Look For When Buying A Private Jet

  • Cost
  • New vs.Used
  • Needs


A private jet is an expensive purchase but is an excellent investment. Private jets can be worth millions and as a result of all its features. There are also hidden costs such as insurance, fuel catering, and pilots which may alter the price of the jet. Aircraft management may take care of those needs for an estimated $100,000 to $200,000 per year depending on the size and usage of the plane. Size is also a determining factor while purchasing a private jet. Light jets, that can accommodate five to eight passengers can be worth three to eight million dollars as compared to larger sized jets that are worth much more.

New vs. Used

Purchasing a new or used jet is a factor a buyer must consider. A new jet comes with a five-year trip-to-tail warranty, however, the owner is responsible for inspections and an hourly fee which covers wear and tear. Many new jets have more features that allow them to be more versatile. New technologies such as heads-up guidance and synthetic vision are all great technological advances on a new jet. A used jet must comply with federal aviation regulations in order to land at many U.S. airports. However, many used jets need to be repaired in order to comply with the current regulations which can cost several hundred thousand dollars to repair. In addition, a used jet can last up to 50 years, and will not deteriorate as compared to a vehicle.

Analyze Needs

It is essential to carefully consider the effects of making an expensive purchase such as private jet. Taking the time to analyze a person’s requirements for a private jet will make the purchase much easier. Trip distance, flight loading, and conditions of flight should all be considered while purchasing a private jet. One way to avoid the trap of buying more than is needed is to compare each plane and all of its features. This will allow a buyer to purchase the plane that best fits their needs.

American Charter Services has an excellent fleet of private jets for sale along with a professional aircraft sales team. We strive to provide wonderful customer service and all of the facts and specifications of an aircraft for the buyer. CallNow! (561) 562-4917 to start looking for a fabulous private jet. Visit us on the web at American Charter Services for more information regarding our selection of private jets for purchase.

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