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Top 10 Etiquette Tips for Traveling by Private Jet

July 10, 2018

While flying on a private jet, it’s important to abide by an unwritten set of etiquette rules. While it may seem like common sense, there’s a correct way to act and behave while on a chartered flight. There are a plethora of tips and suggestions to follow while on board a private flight, including:

Arriving Early
Avoid Embarrassing the host
Drinking Responsibly
Sitting Appropriately
Tipping the Pilot and Crew
Traveling Lightly
Treating the Crew With Respect
What to do with Pets

Arriving Early

Whether flying commercial or private, arriving early is key to traveling by plane. There are several things that can go wrong while at the airport, such as forgetting documentation. Showing up “fashionably late” to a private charter can lead to unnecessary costs for the crew of the plane and the host. Make sure to arrive at least one hour early to avoid any boarding issues.


Attire on a private jet should be limited to business or business casual. It’s frowned upon to dress too casually for a charter flight as well as being too dressed up. Guests are representing the flight charter’s host and are an extension of them. Consider planning outfits a few days before the flight.

Avoid Embarrassing The Host

The host on a chartered flight is the most important person on the flight (sans the pilot). It’s vital to confirm with them before doing/bringing something. Check with them first about posting on social media channels in regards to the trip. The last thing guests want to do is embarrass the host and let them down.


Guests on a private charter shouldn’t leave a mess when on board the aircraft. Treat all facilities onboard the flight with respect. It looks bad on the host when those invited leave trash everywhere and expect everything to be done for them.

Drinking Responsibly

While alcohol is freely served upon chartered flights, it should be consumed in moderation. This can be a safety hazard to the guests and cause an unnecessary distraction for the flight crew and pilot. It’s also greatly discouraged to drink in excess on a private jet because it can cause spills that are hard to remove.

Sitting Appropriately

There are no assigned seats on a private jet, except for one. The host gets the first choice on where they get to sit. It’s best to wait for the host to pick their seat first before boarding.

Tipping the Pilot and Crew

It isn’t expected to tip the pilot after a private flight, but it is encouraged to do so. Chartered flight crews do everything from clean and pack your luggage onto the plane. They also put in a considerable amount of time in planning the flight for the guests. It’s also seen as polite to bring a gift for the crew, such as a bottle of wine.

Traveling Lightly

Guests may assume that because they are on a private jet they can bring more luggage, however, this isn’t true. Private jets are typically smaller than commercial airliners and can’t carry as much due to space and weight restrictions. It is recommended for guests to bring one suitcase and one carry on at most.

Treating the Crew With Respect

While a charter flight crew is there to provide assistance for the guests, they are still human. They can’t follow through on every request due to the circumstance of being 41,000 feet in the air. If a guest wants something specific to be provided while on the flight, they should contact the crew prior to the flight day.

What To Do With Pets

Unless absolutely necessary, pets should be left at home with someone that can watch them for the duration of a guest’s trip. There are an excessive amount of rules and regulations for pets to fly on a private charter. There are also restrictions against certain breeds. Make sure to contact the flight crew before showing up with a pet.

Flying on a private jet is an experience unlike any other, and should be treated like one. While it’s important to know how to act on board a private charter flight, it’s just as important to pick the right chartering service. American Charter Services provides the best service for its guests year-round to any location in the world. Call 1-561-220-7329 to book your flight today.

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