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Aircraft Management

Managing an aircraft can quickly become a full-time job. American Charter Services can manage the details for you so you can enjoy your jet with peace of mind.

ACS’ Comprehensive Management Approach is broad and inclusive, including everything from storage, operations, dispatch, maintenance management and crewing. We are problem solvers, here to help you take care of your aircraft in the best way.

To offset the cost of ownership, your aircraft can be placed in our select charter fleet when not in use. It can be flown by a designated crew to ensure that your asset is protected and maintained in prime condition. This option can create revenue as an aviation asset and be available to you when you need it.

Aircraft Management Services – Luxury Private Jet Services

While others may juggle tending to their aircraft on their own with other responsibilities, you can take the weight off your shoulders by turning to a professional company where your aircraft needs can be handled for you. At American Charter Services, we provide the aircraft management you desire so that you don’t have to worry excessively about tending to your luxury aircraft. After all, luxury aircrafts should be luxuriously cared for, and what company could do this better than American Charter Services?

Why Choose American Charter Services for Aircraft Management?

American Charter Services is here for you with just about any aircraft assistance you need. We will even allow for you to place your luxury aircraft on our charter fleet when you are not flying. If you are worried about not flying your private jet regularly, then you can request a flight service where our trained crew will fly your luxury aircraft to ensure that it is in proper working condition. We truly want to help you maintain your luxury aircraft so that when you need to tend to your travels, there won’t be even the slightest problem. Not many other aircraft companies will offer as courteous services that help you in the long run. American Charter Services stands out from the competition because we truly do provide the great attitude you desire in an aircraft management company.

Advantages of Aircraft Management with Aircraft Charter Services

When you seek services from American Charter Services, you get to work one-on-one with our qualified professionals who want to help you achieve your dreams of obtaining and maintaining luxury aircraft. Instead of having to handle aircraft management on your own, you can turn to our leading team at American Charter Services and we will help you. When you have a luxury aircraft, it can be a great idea to have professionals properly caring for it. Let us be your trusted source for aircraft management services.

Aircraft Management Services:

  • Seamless full-service management including: storage, operations, dispatch, crewing, training, maintenance, aftermarket support, fuel purchasing, and insurance.
  • A concrete knowledge base of foreign operating regulations governing all aspects of Aircraft Charter Management.
  • Internal International handling, with no third party involvement, providing substantial savings to customers and larger revenues to owners.
  • Revenue Expansion utilizing ACS expansive industry connections for fuel and insurance discounts.
  • Reduced Maintenance labor costs at various facilities.
  • Human resource function management functions on your behalf and after your approval.
  • Simplification of aircraft financial management


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