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For travelers who want to take a private jet charter to an exotic location, Venezuela is a must-see destination. This South American countries terrain consists of mountains and a Caribbean coast.  Caracas is the capital consists of historical and cultural attractions. Visiting this exotic country will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the diverse Venezuelan culture and environments. Enjoying local foods and being immersed in another culture is a great learning experience. Visiting Canaima National Park Angel Falls the highest in the world is also a sight that should not be missed.  

For travelers who enjoy nature taking a trip to Angel Falls is certainly worth making the drive. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world and is 979 meters high. Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park which has so much to offer. The roaring waters drop over the vertical walls of the Auyantepui Table Mountain creating a beautiful sight. Traveling on foot and by a canoe is a great way to see nature at its finest. A four hour trip upstream to the trailhead and an hour and a half hike through a jungle trail is the best way to be immersed in nature.

Private Jets to Venezuela

If you are an adventure seeker, Venezuela’s outdoor attractions, such as scuba diving in crystal blue water, visiting the highest falls in the world, or hiking Pico Bolivar, the highest point in the Andes Mountains, are great ways to enjoy your time in South America. If you want a taste of the beautiful coastlines, traveling to Margarita Island is a picturesque destination if you are flying private to Venezuela.

Visiting the Drowned Church of Potosi in Uribante, Venezuela is an unusual yet eye-opening experience, similar to visiting Mount Roraima, known as the “floating island”. The Gran Sabana location sits 1,200 feet above the Amazon forest floor, making it unlike any other attraction in the world.

The next stop should be Caracas the capital of Venezuela. This capital city is filled with modern high rises, historical attractions around the Plaza Bolivar should be added to an itinerary. First visit, the Catedral Metropolitana. This 17th-century cathedral marks its place in the Plaza Bolivar. The main altar is beautifully decorated in gold leaf in European country style design. This grand cathedral has religious and colonial statues on display. Exploring other historical sights such as the La Casa Amarilla which is the historical center of Caracas, and contains centuries-old furniture and other types of decor. Lastly, the national moment which is the site of Simon Bolivar’s resting place. This gorgeous church is a colonial style building with grand gilded altars and is one of the oldest religious sites in Caracas.

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While visiting a new country it is essential to eat traditional dishes of that particular country. This South American country is known for its diverse cuisine. Root vegetables, yams, yucca, rice, and plantains are a few foods that used in Venezuelan cooking. There are also specialty foods that locals enjoy such as Arepas and Pabellon. Arepas are made of ground maize dough and are then stuffed with a variety of fillings. For people with big appetites eating the Pabellon Criollo is a great dish. Pabellon Criollo is made of shredded meat cooked with vegetables and coriander and served with plantains black beans and rice. To end the meal finish with quesillo which is a creamy pudding made of eggs, milk, and caramel.

Angel Falls is a waterfall in Venezuela. It is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 meters and a plunge of 807 meters. Known for their pristine beaches, Venezuelans also celebrate in vibrant ways during Carnival, their national holiday. Flying into Simon Bolivar International Airport is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today! Book a trip of a lifetime and start creating memories by contacting to reserve your private charter today. Call Now 561-562-4711!



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