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Mexico’s coastline is only one of the diehard reasons to visit the beautiful country. Soaked in indigenous culture from food to music to landmarks, Mexico brings all different walks of life to its sandy beaches. Flying into Mexico City International Airport (MEX) is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

Mexico has a rich painting history dating as far back as the 3000 B.C cave paintings. The colonial and post-revolutionary influenced painters were renowned for their expressive and critical nature. Mayan murals depict ancient cities such as Teotihuacán which can still be visited today. The old Mesoamerican pyramids built by tribes such as the Mayans and Aztec are the largest structures of this type besides those in Egypt.

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Mexican culture features some of the more spiced and unique cuisines of the world. Known for its diverse agricultural history, Mexico can be attributed to the introduction of vegetables like corn, peppers, calabaza squash, avocados, sweet potato, and many types of beans. Vegetables and spices compose much of the Mexican diet. The first chocolate was made in Mexico using the cacao seed during Maya and Aztec times. It was a symbol for blood and sacrifice and was prepared in a liquid rather than the solid form we see today. Transported to Europe during the Spanish occupation, chocolate is now a worldwide commodity.

Bullfighting is a popular sport in Mexico, with most major cities having a bullring. Plaza Mexico is the largest bullring in the world, allowing 55,000 spectators to watch. Due to animal welfare concerns and danger to the bullfighter, bullfighting has been banned in most other countries. All bullfighters perform this activity knowing they may be killed. The danger is the main attraction to the sport’s audience, so a lot of the possible precautions are avoided in order to maintain some level of risk. For this reason, there are many different interpretations of bullfighting. Some matadors take bullfighting into a more artistic realm where they perform different stages as if part of a theatrical play. They must first find the pattern of the bull. Then they must weaken the bull. Eventually, they kill the bull as the finale.

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Other popular sporting events in Mexico include football, baseball, wrestling, and boxing. Some of the Mexican teams have seen success in the Caribbean leagues, and the Dodgers pitcher Fernando Valenzuela was signed from a Mexican baseball team. Lucha Libre is the Mexican freestyle wrestling known for its colorful masks that the wrestlers wear. One of the well-known Mexican-American wrestler families, Los Guerreros, has earlier roots in Mexican Lucha Libre.

Whether interested in experiencing traditional Mexican mariachi and ranchera bands or visiting an art museum to see the product of intellectual Mexican muralism, Mexico is rich in attractions. Taking a private jet charter to Mexico, Cancun or Houston will afford any traveler the freedom to visit any of these destinations at will.



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