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Japan’s 6,800 islands make this country the ultimate destination. The nightlife and shopping sprees justify the travel. Tokyo is known for its eclectic street markets of electronics and games. Flying into Kansai International Airport is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

The iconic peak of Mount Fuji is a top destination for many world travelers. If you are traveling by private jet to Japan, Arashiyama Bamboo Forest is the ultimate tranquil, quiet place to unwind from the bustling streets of Tokyo. Visiting Kinkaku-ji Temple during sunset is a luxury that is a must-see! Japan’s Robot Restaurant is also a notorious destination for travelers. Known for eccentric food and entertainment, the Robot Restuarant is a perfect stop during your stay, especially if you want to truly experience the Japanese culture.

The Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is one destination that no traveler should miss. Flying a jet into Kansai International Airport or to anywhere in Japan is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight.

Japanese climate varies greatly depending on the place. The Pacific coast near Tokyo is a humid subtropical climate with beautiful beaches to visit. This contrasts with the long and cold winters of the northernmost territory Hokkaido where skiing resorts are located. The coastal climate adjacent to mountain ranges creates a mild mixture.

Private Jets to Japan

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain peak and one of the three sacred mountains in Japan. It is a spectacular experience for hikers who want a day-long challenge. Getting there early to hike to the top of the mountain for the beautiful sunset or getting there late to see the sunrise can be an enlightening experience.

Japan has an eclectic and diverse artistry from cuisine and cinema to music and literature. One famous woodblock printing from the 1800s, The Great Wave off Kanagawa, depicts a dangerously large wave descending on nearby fishing boats. The staging of Mount Fuji in the background makes the wave look much larger than it is. Japan’s cultural awareness of the ocean, water, and fluidity have become very clear over many impressions and interpretations of this piece.

With the presence of many volcanoes, natural hot springs are in abundance all throughout Japan. There are thousands of establishments allowing people to bath in these waters called “onsen”. The waters are used for relaxation and therapeutic purposes, and millions of Japanese people visit these hot springs annually.

Japanese culture maintains influences from multiple ancient historical religions simultaneously. Shinto shrines are a popular destination for residents and travelers to Japan. These shrines symbolize purification and visitors are supposed to wash their hands and mouth before approaching the main hall. Many Japanese people will hold their wedding ceremonies at these shrines or bring their newborn babies, symbols of new life, to pray for good fortune. The vivid torii arches mark the entrance to and symbolize the Shinto shrines. The Meiji Jingu shrine is surrounded by 120,000 evergreen trees, creating a clear division between the bustling city and the quiet shrine.

Buddhist temples like Kinkaku-Ji are another place of worship that many visit annually. Some of the temples are or used to be monasteries where monks pray. The multi-storied pagodas at the temples were designed to store sacred relics and writings. Created in the 7th-century, the pagodas are still a wondrous architectural sight. Immense bell towers can be found at Buddhist temples. On New Year’s Eve, these bells are rung 108 times to represent the 108 worldly desires. Cemeteries are often located at Buddhist temples. As opposed to praying for a new life at a Shinto shrine, people pray for peace at temples.

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Mount Fuji
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