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Italy has some incredible historic cities like Rome, Venice, Milan, and Florence. Whether you want to visit the desert islands, snowy mountains, or just taste some authentic pasta, booking a private jet charter to Italy is a common occurrence for many domestic and international visitors. Flying into Leonardo da Vinci Airport is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

Italy is widely considered one of the most gorgeous countries on the planet. With its coastal cities, rich history, and unbelievable culture, it’s hard to not believe it’s true. Commonly nicknamed “Bel Paese” (the Beautiful Country), Italy is a top tourist destination for world travelers. Those planning on visiting Italy should book a private jet charter into Milan Linate Airport (LIN) to avoid the sheer number of people at other airports in the country.

Private Jets to Italy

Italy has a remarkably rich history that dates back to the days of the Roman empire in 753 BC. Rome started as a small settlement near the Tiber River. It grew into a massive empire that spanned all of Eastern Europe and Northern Africa. It would develop major advances in the modern Western alphabet and calendar. It would split in 395 AD and the Western Empire would fall in 476 AD due to pressure from Germanic tribes. The Eastern empire would thrive for another 1,000 years. Italy would be divided into several different states during the chaotic Middle Ages. The 14th century would bring about the Italian Renaissance. Works out art by famous artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Brunelleschi would create awe-inspiring works of art. Throughout the 1800s the Italian Nationalists, led by Giuseppe Garibaldi, would unify the Italian states and form the Kingdom of Italy. Italy would be involved in a number of large wars across Europe well into the mid-1900s. It wouldn’t be until after World War II that Italy would form a republic and modernize into the country that we know today.

Italy is one of a kind tourist destination. The cities of Rome, Venice, and Florence are well known for their attractions. First-time visitors to Italy need to see the Colosseum and the canals of Venice before leaving. Visitors should visit the Sistine Chapel to see the beautiful ceiling created by Michelangelo. Those looking to avoid the tourist destinations should visit small towns like Ischia and Treviso which are filled with the rich history and culture of Italy. For those looking for a little adventure, visitors can ski the Italian Alps in Northern Italy. The Amalfi Coast is another gorgeous destination that is unlike anything else on Earth.

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People looking to eat won’t have to look far. From fine dining to small hole in the wall cafes, Italy has a number of incredible places to eat. Restaurants like the Club del Doge Restaurant in Venice redefines the eating experience. Foodies in Italy will have the time of their lives while on vacation in Italy.

Italy is an incredible vacation destination that everyone should see at least once in their lives. When planning a trip to the wonderful country of Italy, make sure to book a private jet charter with American Charter Services. They make the process of getting off the ground and into the dream destination as easy as possible. Call American Charter Services today to book a trip to Italy or any other amazing location in the world: 561-336-6365.



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