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Hawaii is known for its volcanoes and crystal blue ocean water. Hawaii’s beautiful islands are the perfect vacation place for newlyweds, families, or business trips! With its warm climate and tropical atmosphere, booking a private jet charter to Hawaii is a common occurrence for many domestic and international visitors. Flying into Daniel K. Inouye International Airport (HNL) is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

Located almost 4000 miles from the United States mainland is a cluster of islands unlike anywhere else in the world: Hawaii. Hawaii is an absolutely gorgeous destination that offers beaches, culture, and food unlike anything else on the planet. With lush green volcanos that tower above the rest of the island, it’s hard not to fall in love Hawaii. People who are interested in seeing every gorgeous location on Earth need to make a stop on one of the many islands of Hawaii. Take a private jet charter into Prineville Airport (HPV) in Hanalei on the island of Kaua’i to avoid the busier airports on the archipelago.

Private Jet to Hawaii

Hawaii’s history dates back roughly to around 300 CE when Polynesian voyagers made landfall and settled among the several islands. It wouldn’t be until the 16th century when European countries such as Spain and England discovered the island cluster. Hawaii would be used as a harbor and trading station for many European countries. This also brought about many European diseases, which would kill off roughly 80% of the Native Hawaiian population by the mid-1800s. The Native Hawaiian population is currently 156,000, a little over half of what it originally was before Europeans had discovered the islands.  Hawaii would become the Kingdom of Hawaii under King Kamehameha in 1795 and would last until 1887 when a group called the Committee of Safety which would stage a coup against the Hawaiian monarchy. Hawaii would continue to exchange hands and titles until it was officially gained statehood in 1959. Hawaii immediately underwent modernization and has become the Hawaii that we know today.

Hawaii is an incredible vacation destination for families and honeymoons alike. Hawaii has hundreds upon hundreds of stunning beaches that are open to the public. They offer the softest sand and the most crystal clear water. Vacationers can elect to go snorkeling, fishing, or even take surfing lessons. Guest’s should also reserve time to visit the emotional Pearl Harbor Memorial. They can also take a hike through the now dormant Diamond Head volcano to get a great view of Honolulu.

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Travelers should definitely indulge in the cultural cuisine of Hawaii like poi or spam musubi. Hawaii also has large Asian influences, leading to a wide variety of Southeastern Asian food on the islands. For visitors with a sweet tooth, Hawaii is also home to the Honolulu Cookie Company which makes some of the best cookies in the world. There’s also a number of fine dining options such as Merriman’s and Alan Wong’s King Street. Hawaii may seem to be cut off from the world, but it provides something for all its citizens and guests alike.

Hawaii is a dream destination for everyone. It’s time to turn that dream into a reality by taking a private jet charter to the famed Pacific islands. American Charter Services make flying a luxury once again. Call today to book a flight to Hawaii or any other destination in the world: 561-562-4711.




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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
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Diamond Head
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Pearl Harbor
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