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Europe is known for its ancient history of Western Civilization. Walking amongst living history is only one of the benefits of traveling to Europe. Between visiting the various countries (England, France, Italy, Germany, etc), Europe has jaw-dropping views and food. Booking a private jet charter to Europe is a common occurrence for many domestic and international visitors. Flying into Heathrow Airport (LHR) is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

Europe may be the second smallest continent in the world but its sheer density of different countries offers a true adventure to those dreaming of taking a private jet charter there. Europe has a total of 50 different countries, which provides a wide array of different cultures and that mesh and clash with one another to provide an experience unlike anything ever before.

There’s something for anyone that enters its borders, whether they’re interested in trying new food, partying all night, or indulging themselves in the rich history of each country. With everything it has to offer it’s no wonder Europe is far and away, making it the most visited continent in the world.

For people looking to try the incredible dishes that Europe has to offer, you won’t have to search far. Travelers will find incredible dishes whether deep in heart of Berlin or waking up on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Paris offers more Michelin star restaurants than any other country in the world. Prague offers a vast number of different foods that still hold strong to their historical roots while offering a perfect dash of modern innovation.

Belgium has so much chocolate there’s no way to humanly consume it all. Germany is filled to the brim with beer gardens which have some of the best beer the world has ever seen, along with heavy snack foods like bratwurst, schupfnudeln, and krapfen donuts. Europe has an endless amount of food to offer its guests, so it’s impossible to ever go hungry while visiting.

Europe has it all when it comes to nightlife. With bars featuring 100s of beers from around the world to dance clubs that go all night, it’s hard to not have a good time. In Barcelona, clubs don’t open till around 2 AM and stay open until the sun rises. Ibiza is home to some of the largest music festivals in the world such as

Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival. Krakow, Poland is also very famous for its constant bar-crawls, cheap alcohol, and incredibly fun locals. Travelers are bound to run into a good time when taking a private jet charter to any European city.

If interested in learning about history and culture while on vacation, then Europe is the place to go. Europe has an incredibly rich history that dates all the way back to somewhere around 5000 BC. In Greece, visitors will find statues and buildings that have withstood the test of time such as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

The Berlin Wall still stands in parts throughout the city. While covered in Graffiti, it still reminds everyone of a very different time. Travelers can walk through the Louvre in Paris and see untouched works of art like the Mona Lisa and the statue of Aphrodite.

Those looking to travel to Europe won’t have a hard time finding something to do. Visiting Europe is something many people dream about, and American Charter Services can turn that dream into a reality. Call today to book a trip to Europe or any other draw dropping location in the world! Contact us today 561-562-4711.



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