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Visiting the Forbidden City in China is one of the most traveled to destinations in the world. The Great Wall of China is known for its expansive views more than 5,500 miles across China. Flying into Beijing Capital International Airport is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

Since opening itself to the rest of the world, China has experienced a wealth of growth and dynamic changes. China has recently discussed plans to open its airways to private jet charters in the near future. If interested in taking a private jet charter to an exotic place that is a perfect blend of the old and new world, then China is the place to go.

China offers a grand history, with some locations still standing today that were constructed as early as 200 BCE. One example of this is the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall sprawls over a span of 5,500 miles. The wall was originally built in 20 year period and has practically stood completely intact for over 200 years.

Unfortunately, seeing the entire Great Wall might be a little difficult considering it takes around 18 months to walk. Instead, use free time to see other remarkable pieces of history like the Forbidden City or the Terracotta Army. Both locations offer a peek into what China was like long before we were born.

If history doesn’t seem interesting, maybe China’s more contemporary cities of Shanghai or Beijing may seem more appealing. Both cities act as global financial hubs for the rest of the world, and with that comes a wide array of impeccable food, art, and music. Shanghai has impeccable fine dining options such as Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet and the Aura Lounge and Jazz Bar.

Located in Pudong, Shanghai is the China Art Museum which features around 14,000 works of art, mainly including modern Chinese Art. Both cities are absolutely massive and would need a week trip dedicated to either city to just to get the full experience that they both have to offer travelers.

Take a private jet charter to the city of Chengdu another great location in China to visit due to modern and ancient Chinese architecture clashing together. An hour and a half away from Chengdu lies the Dujiangyan Panda Base. There are about 20 Giant Pandas guests can see while visiting. However, the best part about the Dujiangyan Panda Base is their one-day panda keeper program. 60 visitors a day will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to hold, feed, and bathe Giant Pandas.

Giant Pandas are no longer endangered but they still are vulnerable to extinction which makes them a hard species to see up close and in person. Thankfully, the Dujiangyan Panda Base makes this dream a reality. While staying Chengdu make sure to check out the Sichuan Dragons baseball team play against one of the other teams in China. Baseball is extremely popular in China, so it’s bound to be an exciting time.

China is an absolutely remarkable location that should be visited at least once. The blending of cultures from old to new continues to make China the amazing place that it is today. When given even the slightest opportunity, don’t hesitate to take a trip and see everything that China has to offer. When China finally opens itself up to private jet charters, make sure to book with American Charter Services. Call today to book a trip to China or any other remarkable location in the world: 561-562-4711



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