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Cancun’s year-round sunshine, retail therapy, and luxurious resorts are all reasons this city in Mexico is a travel destination for any bucket list. While Cancun is a spring break hot-spot, the historical landmarks are also a must see! Flying into Cancun’s International Airport (CUN) is as simple as calling American Charter Services to book a domestic or international flight today!

World traveler’s looking for a dream getaway should look no further than Cancun. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, Cancun has been widely regarded as a top-tier vacation destination by many. Cancun is far more pleasure than business, offering fun for all ages from surfing to soaking up the sun, or even snorkeling with the turtles. There’s plenty of shopping and partying to do while in Cancun. It’s also a great destination for people looking to learn the history of the land, with many monuments and museums available to the public. Flying into Cancun Airport (CUN)  and getting the party started is as simple as calling American Charter Services and booking a flight today!

Private Jet to Cancun

Cancun was originally home to a large number of Mayans long before the arrival of conquistadors. They were believed to have started living there in 750 BCE until the 1500s when the Spanish conquistadors invaded the Yucatan Peninsula. The Mayans would be wiped out either through war or diseases brought over from Europe. This land would stay uninhabited and untouched for hundreds of years. It wouldn’t be till 1968 when the Mexican government would see the potential of the land. Hotels would begin sprouting up in 1970, with the surrounding town the following suit. Cancun would continue to rapidly modernize into what we know and recognize today.

Cancun is an incredible vacation option for people looking to take a private jet charter and get away from the real world. Things tend to move too quickly when constantly bogged down by school or work. A trip to Cancun can alleviate all that stress. Guests can lay down on Cancun’s famous soft white beaches. The breeze and constant crashing of waves upon the beach will relax a person beyond comparison. Most Cancun resorts also offer a fully function spa that can take relaxation to a whole new level.

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When not relaxing, guests should absolutely take advantage of all the other wonderful things there is to do in Cancun. There are so many different excursions available to visitors that it’s almost impossible to do everything. People looking to party should check out the famous Coco Bongo, widely known for its extravagant shows and parties that it throws. Guests should find time to shop while in La Isla Shopping Village. Traveler’s trying to indulge in the history of the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico as a whole will be sure to see Chichen Itza, a series of Mayan ruins as well as a large pyramid known as El Castillo.

Cancun is a must-see tourist destination for people trying to travel the world. Traveler’s considering taking a private jet charter into Cancun should go to American Charter Services. They make the process of booking the flight for getting its guests onto the beach an absolute breeze. Call today to book a trip to Cancun or any other incredible location in the world: 561-475-3260.



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