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When you fly with American Charter Services, you don’t only save time, you have the comfort of having an aircraft completely for yourself and your customers. There is always going to be an airplane that will fit your needs. We can charter from over 5500+ aircraft worldwide. Anytime, anywhere.

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A private jet is not just a method of transportation. There are standards and culture surrounding the use, ownership, and trade of private jets around the world. Not only will a prospective owner need to find the right plane for their purposes, but they will also need to find a broker. The purchase and sale of planes are comparable to that of homes. Naturally, they will require at least as much bureaucratic paperwork. Like an expensive home, an aircraft should help its owner look and feel luxurious. However, a plane can be an immense responsibility. From cleaning and fueling to ensuring the safety and proper maintenance, to piloting and crew hiring, there are many factors that go into keeping a plane running. Knowing that a flight is safe and secure will allow you to enjoy the luxuries of freedom and flying. American Charter Services can be your destination for perfecting your airline experience. Our team can see through your purchase, maintaining, and piloting of aircrafts.


When looking to buy or sell a private jet, many factors need to be taken into account to make these important decisions. American Charter Services has different departments with experience in every aspect of jet travel and with all kinds of planes. Even for a seasoned air traveler, there are many things to be aware of that can go unnoticed or become too much responsibility to do alone. A guide to purchasing airplanes will help any interested customers. American Charter Services includes brokers in our service to help with the process of finding the right cost. Whether looking to buy or fly a luxury private jet, some extra help will be needed.

There are many types of jets to suit the specific needs of travelers. Whether looking for a cost-efficient and fast plane or a luxurious jumbo jet for the whole company board to fit on, there are options available. Some of the private jets available for acquisition are the Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, and Learjet. The Learjet, for example, is a small and affordable plane to make use of. The older a model is, the cheaper they will be to purchase. Newer models may be pricier but can save on fuel efficiency and maintenance costs. Small jets can be a nice and humble trip for a few passengers, but they have to stop for fuel more often. Jumbo jets take more to maintain but can hold more fuel and passengers. There are options anywhere in between with midsize jets. Our team can find the right jet for your purposes even if you don’t know exactly what you want.

With assets like private jets, finding competitive prices is important as well. Knowing the market and what sources are the best will provide the best prices for the quality of the product. Negotiation is also a big part of a business that deals with purchases of this caliber. The aid of a private jet service will ensure the best possible deals. Checking the history of a plane is another important factor. ACS requires documentation and purchase history on all of our planes so that no unknown issues occur. In other words, more comfort and rest for our customers. Getting a good idea of how much it will cost to own a private jet will help as well. Knowing the insurance costs, maintenance fees, and fueling budget will help to decide what plane will fit your lifestyle more appropriately.


When we see a celebrity exiting their private jet on the runway we don’t think of all the steps taken to get to that point. Managing an airplane takes a lot of planning and preparation. For the best private jet maintenance, look no further. American Charter Services provides aircraft management, cleaning, fueling, check-ups, and all other necessary services. Letting a professional aircraft management service handle all the logistics allows you to sit back and enjoy your flight while our crew does the work. Freeing your mind of all these responsibilities lets you focus on the destination once there. A vacation is meant to be relaxing.

Excellent service has the purpose of easing the lives of customers. Some of the things that need to be done for an aircraft include storing it when not in use, the hiring, and scheduling of operators, and maintenance. American Charter Services works to be your trusted source for all aircraft control. One option for our customers is to allow us to use their private jet as one of our charter planes. While we maintain and service your private jet and keep it in top shape for you, we will also provide flights to those looking to use your particular model. Not only will your private jet be there when you need it (so long as advanced notice is given) but the use of your plane can provide revenue for you. This is a great option for those who want to own their private jet but may not use them as often. Annual costs may be worth it if your plane generates some value when not directly in use.

One other complication that can be solved by our services is the distribution of responsibilities. Because we handle all of the duties necessary, your budget can be simplified and communication is simple between one company. Rather than hiring multiple services for cleaning, maintenance, and storage, these can all get handled by us. Your private jet is a valuable and complex machine. Not just any commercial service can handle it with the care and integrity necessary. We are professionals with many years of experience in the industry. From the newest models to the more obscure or older models, we know all kinds of aircrafts and will keep them sharp and working properly. You simply won’t find better private jet maintenance than you will at American Charter Services.


The allure of private jet travel is majorly attributed to the luxury and status that comes with it. Providing comfort should be the most important service of a private airline. There is a wide variety of aircrafts to fit the needs of any ride so that convenience and comfort can be achieved. Private jets are much more controlled environments than commercial airliners. For this reason, long security lines and crowded terminals are not necessary. Foregoing this hassle is a part of the luxury of private jet travel. Even first-class plane tickets don’t provide the privacy of a personal jet.

Private jets can be a great luxury, but they can also be a decision of practicality. Corporate executives know that time is money. Spending unnecessary time with a commercial airliner can end up costing more than a private jet if that time could be spent sealing more deals or working more hours. In this way, a private jet charter is also a financial benefit. Combined with the luxury and status from flying in a private jet, our many services for optimizing your jet experience create the ultimate experience in air travel.


The services for maintenance and flying private jet charters from ACS are great, but to invest in a private jet is a whole other decision. We can sell private jets with low airtime, new, or used and more affordable. Rather than going through the trial and error of purchasing or selling a property on your own, let American Charter Services get it right for you the first time. Our teams perform aircraft analysis to gauge the relative price of a plane, negotiate prices because of our market experience, and properly evaluate the options to get you the best value on your property.


Beyond the previously mentioned benefits, there are still more advantages to flying in a private jet. For groups of people who wish to travel by plane, everyone chipping in to pay for a private jet can cost less than each individual purchasing a first-class ticket on a commercial airline. This is because the cost of a private jet is static. No matter how many passengers, the whole jet is rented out when taking a trip. Whether it is several people paying or one person paying, the total cost will be the same. Having each person separately buy first-class tickets can be more expensive than just sharing the cost of a jet.

Layovers and the unreliability of commercial airports can cause a great deal of stress, especially when they ruin your plan to be at a certain event on time. Arriving late the day before can ruin your experience and productivity at the event. Jet lag also becomes more problematic when other factors lead to increased fatigue. Private jets will minimize fatigue through the reduction of procedural formalities. You should be able to enjoy your trip from the moment you reach your destination. It is no surprise that private jets are becoming more popular with all of the benefits they provide to different distributions of people.


Many people may have a fear of flying but we do everything we can to ensure the safety of our passengers and employees. At American Charter Services, we understand that luxury comes with relaxation and leisure. We make you feel safe with many precautions so that you can keep your mind clear and focus on the enjoyment of the ride. Safety is a result of preparation and experience with preventing harmful outcomes. Even though airplanes are statistically safer than most other modes of transportation, there is a relatively widespread and illogical fear of airplanes. This promotes even more safety in airline flights than necessary. In many ways, a private jet is the safest part of your trip. The risk factors are much more under control than other transportation methods. Whereas road accidents are the result of heavy traffic, inexperience, or user error, a flight with American Charter Services depends on a professional pilot and crew to get there safely. American Charter Services only works with pilots who have the approval of at least one reputable auditing agency, ensuring you are in good hands. Separating the duty of passenger from operator makes the whole industry much safer than automobiles. We also make sure that runways meet safety standards, no dangerous weather is forecasted in our paths, and that the crews are in communication with each other for the safest experience.


If safety isn’t your biggest concern, then maybe the scheduling and procedures of flying are. Another major benefit of a high-quality private jet is the convenience of being able to fly to wherever you need to go. None of the scheduling needs to be done by you. All you need to do is show up to the place of take-off shortly before the flight time. No long waits and requirements to arrive early will saturate your schedule. Simplify that whole process with your own private jet which will cut some costs, time, and energy spent normally through air travel. Our service is to shoulder the responsibility so that you can engage in the better aspects of flight.


Because of our fleet maintenance services, American Charter Services has a wide array of private jets to choose from. Not only are flights available, but some of our jets can be bought for private ownership. The choice of a robust King Air E90, the classic Piper Chieftain, or the efficient Learjet 35 are all up to you. The choice is yours, but ultimately you will want to match a plane for your purposes, which will be easy with the number of options we provide. Whether it is private jet flights, services, or trade, American Charter Services takes luxury aircraft culture to new heights.

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