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A Beginners Guide To Buying A Private Jet

September 13, 2018

American Charter Services have the best inventory of private jets. Our aircraft sales and acquisitions services cater to a person’s specific needs for luxury air travel. While purchasing a private jet it is essential for the person to follow a guide. Factors such as cost, needs, and new vs. a used plane are essential to consider for a beginner buying a private jet.

A Beginners Guide To Buying A Private Jet

  • Cost
  • New Vs. Used Jets
  • Choosing The Best Charter Company
  • Types Of Jets


A private jet is an expensive investment that can cost millions of dollars. There are also hidden costs to consider such as insurance, fuel, catering, and pilots. These are all essential factors for a new buyer to consider while purchasing a private jet. Repairs and maintenance which can ground a plane may be unpredictable which can allow a person to lose money by purchasing the plane at a high price. Therefore, it is essential for a beginner buyer to evaluate the costs of this kind of a purchase.

New Vs. Used Jets

Choosing to buy a new or used jet is important for a new buyer to consider. A down economy results in more used planes on the market and ordering a new jet may take a few years. However, used jets may not provide the best deals. There are certain federal aviation regulations to land at various U.S. airports and using a new jet may take years and extra costs to comply with these regulations. As a result, this will require various fees, such as for inspections.

Choosing The Best Charter Company

Choosing a charter company is an excellent tip for a new buyer. New buyers should choose American Charter Services. We have a qualified, professional, and courteous sales team that a beginner buyer can depend on. Working with a reliable and dependable company such as American Charter Services can allow the buyer to trust in the companies information and products.

Types Of Jets

A beginner buyer needs to calculate their needs and determine which size private jet is best. American Charter Services has an array of sizes of aircraft available. We sell light jets, mid-size jets and more. Each aircraft is equipped with various amenities such as leather seats, lavatories, and entertainment systems. The Learjet 35 is part of the American multi-role business jets fleets and military transport aircraft. While this plane is being used by the United States Air Force they carry the designation C-21A. Light jets such as the Learjet 35 which is designed to fit up to 8 passengers comfortably is an excellent light jet. This jet can cruise up to 435 knots and can burn 197 gallons of fuel per hour which is an excellent feature. The Learjet 35 is a great private jet to take for a family vacation or a weekend business trip.

A great mid-size jet is the Hawker 800XP and is a variant of the Hawker 800. The Hawker 800XP can be designed with Honeywell or a Collins avionics suite. This private jet can cruise at 447 knots and has a maximum operating altitude of 41,000 ft. The jet can seat 8 passengers and has two seats for crew members onboard. This private jet is perfect for business or pleasure travel needs.  

American Charter Services is the number one company for a beginner buyer looking to purchase a private jet. We have the best aircraft sales team which is beneficial to a new buyer. Call today at (561) 562-4917 to speak to a qualified representative regarding our aircraft for sale!

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