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American Charter Services is your aircraft jet charter, aircraft management, and aircraft acquisition company dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service for your next private chartered jet flight. We provide excellent service for people and businesses looking for an aircraft charter service with a worldwide selection of over 5,000 jet aircraft and helicopters.

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Aircraft Sales

Buying or selling an aircraft can be a lengthy process—but you don’t have to do it alone! If you are in the market for an aircraft we can help you through every step of the acquisition or sale.



Managing an aircraft can quickly become a full-time job. American Charter Services can manage the details for you so you can enjoy your jet with peace of mind.

The Best Private Jet Service

At American Charter Services, we are committed to the highest standards, the most precise attention to detail, exceptional quality, and providing an unforgettable experience. From the management of all your aircraft needs to the purchase and sale of aircrafts, to the booking of independent trips, our charter brokers and operations teams will fulfill all of your aviation needs. The purpose of owning or riding in a luxury aircraft is to look and feel luxurious. This is why our complete services are such a benefit. We focus on the details so that you can relax on every flight. Knowing that the flight is safe and secure will allow you to enjoy the freedom and wonder of flying. ACS has access to a worldwide selection of aircrafts through our brokerage team and operates our fleet with over 135 certificates. Anywhere you want to go, we can take you there.

Luxury Aircraft Services | Private Jet Charter & Private Jet Sales in Fort Lauderdale

There are many critical decisions to be made when looking to buy or sell an aircraft. At American Charter Services, we are dedicated to providing you with the best options for luxury private jet travel. No matter whether you are new to the aircraft market and need a guide, or are a seasoned flyer who is looking for expert opinions, we have the knowledge base to help any interested customers. Our aircraft services are extended to purchasing a private jet charter in Fort Lauderdale to private jet sales in Fort Lauderdale. Whether you are looking to purchase a luxury private plane or fly on a private jet charter in Fort Lauderdale, American Charter Services is the best aircraft service company to turn to. Some of the private jets available for acquisition by us are the Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, and Learjet. Small jets, midsize jets, large jets, and anything in between are available for our customers. If our brokers can’t get it for you, then we can find a suitable jet for suiting your same purposes and tastes. Our prices are competitive as we know the market and know how to negotiate with the parties that do business here. We will analyze and audit the history of our purchases and sales so that all of our products are guaranteed to have integrity and reliability in their ownership and performance. Providing you with an estimate of how much it will cost to not only purchase but to own a private plane, all of our customers know what their limits are. We push the limits of the places you thought you could go with our aircraft sales and services. Once you own an aircraft we can also help manage it.

Best Private Aircraft Management Company in South Florida

Luxury is our main product to provide our clients. There is no greater private aircraft management company in South Florida than American Charter Services. We provide what you desire for luxury aircraft travel and even provide aircraft management services for your personal convenience. Instead of adding another responsibility in your life with aircraft management, let American Charter Services take care of your aircraft. Sit back and enjoy your flight or your visit while our crew does the work. Luxury may come with responsibilities, but relaxing on a trip is important. At American Charter Services, we work to provide you with the best luxury private jet services to make your life simpler. We strive to provide you with excellent service. From storage, operations, dispatch, and maintenance, American Charter Services works to be your trusted source for all aircraft control. For your convenience, we offer you the option of placing your luxury aircraft on our charter fleet. This is like renting out your private jet for our crew to use for flights. We keep your aircraft in prime condition while using it, and you can benefit from the revenue made while you are away. Your private plane will always be available when you need it so long as decent notice is given. There are numerous services required to maintain a private jet. These can’t just be performed by any commercial service. Extra care and thorough services are required to handle something as delicate but massive as a private jet. Our maintenance crew is the best resource for taking care of all the needs of your aircraft. We are professionals experienced with all kinds of aircrafts. You simply won’t find greater benefits or a more knowledgeable staff than you will at American Charter Services.

Fly on Luxury Private Jet in Fort Lauderdale

Flying with American Charter Services will allow you to have the upscale experience you desire. We aim to please all of our clients on our luxury private jet charters. From our most popular jets for rent to our more unique aircraft charter options, American Charter Services proves to have the vast selection you want to choose from. The ability to make private stops at less crowded terminals is a great convenience and removes the hassle and stress of waiting in crowded security lines. Luxury is not always a decision of extravagance. Executives can often make better efficiency on their time while on a private jet. With salaries in the several digit range, any amount of time saved by choosing a private jet charter is also an immense amount of money saved. While there are other aircraft charter companies in South Florida, no other compares to the luxury and compassionate staff at our top scale aircraft charter company!

Private Jet Sales in Fort Lauderdale

Not only do we offer services for private jet charters in Fort Lauderdale at American Charter Services, but we also have unbeatable private jet sales in Fort Lauderdale. You can select the private jet charter that is just right for you and meets all of your own personal preferences. Instead of going through the process of purchasing or selling an aircraft on your own, let American Charter Services be your first choice! There is no better aircraft company to turn to in Fort Lauderdale, especially when it comes to how great American Charter Services is. We perform aircraft analysis to gauge the relative price of the plane, negotiate prices because of our market experience, and proper evaluation of the options to get you the best value on your property.

Benefits of Private Jet Flights

There are several benefits of flying on a private jet in Fort Lauderdale, especially with American Charter Services! Our leading aircraft charter company in Fort Lauderdale offers a wide variety of benefits that surpass the competition. Avoiding crowded terminals is a major benefit to private jets. As for groups of people who need to travel by plane, a private jet may be more cost-effective than individual commercial airline tickets. The cost of a private jet is covered for all passengers, so whether one or eight people take a private jet it will cost the same. To have eight people separately buy tickets can be more expensive. Layovers can really hamper your energy with the amount of downtime and stress caused by them. When landing at your destination the last thing you want is jet lag. The fastest and most direct paths achieved by private jets will reduce jet lag as much as possible so you can enjoy your destination the minute you land. From the best aircraft safety precautions to private flights to a vast selection of aircraft charter, it’s easy to see why private jet flights are as popular as they have become!

Aircraft Safety Assurance

Safety is a huge factor to consider when you are flying on any type of aircraft. At American Charter Services, we work to provide you with the absolute safest flights. We understand that air travel can be overwhelming for some, which is why we are careful to take every necessary precaution. Safety is a result of knowledge and experience in potential risks. Because of the vivid awareness of the dangers of airlines, all flights take as many precautions as possible to ensure the safety and peace of mind of passengers. In many ways, a private jet is the safest part of your trip. The risk factors are much more under control than other transportation methods. Rather than putting your life in the hands of many drivers on the road who’s experiences and actions are unknown, a flight with American Charter Services is piloted by a professional who is in contact with airports who give them information on runway timings and scheduling. American Charter Services ensures that your operator has the approval of at least one reputable auditing agency. Only the most qualified of professionals are involved in your air travel and perform secure evaluations. We take pride in our runway length checks, adherence to rules regarding weather restrictions, and crew training.

Luxury Flights At Your Convenience

One of the best benefits of flying on a luxury private aircraft is the fact that you get high quality, top class luxury flights to wherever you need to go. It is beyond convenient to have your own private luxury jet. You can rest easily while flying to wherever you need to go. The duty of managing schedules and being on-time with all of the factors of a commercial airport can be tiring. Simplify that whole process with your own private jet which will cut some costs, time, and energy spent normally through air travel. All of our luxury private jet charters are comfortable and created in excellence for your own pleasure. We want you to be lifted of all those burdens so that you can truly feel the joy and freedom of flight.

Your Choice of Luxury Aircraft

At American Charter Services, we provide an extensive selection of private aircraft charter to choose from. Not only this but we also provide the finest of all private jets for sale! The choice of a robust King Air E90, the classic Piper Chieftain, or the efficient Learjet 35 are all up to you. Finding the best plane for your purposes will not be a problem with the number of options we provide. Whether you are opting to rent a private jet in Fort Lauderdale or looking to buy private jets in Fort Lauderdale, American Charter Services is the place for you to turn! Our high end, luxury aircraft are designed with you in mind, which is why they are far greater than impressive!

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